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Five Reasons to Go Paperless

The discouragement of usage of paper has reached new heights in this  decade. Most businesses are supporting this effort by going digital. Electronic devices are used to view data, and all this data is being stored in cloud storage. This gives the user freedom to access all the data from any device, anywhere in the world. Mentioned below are some other reasons to go paperless and how it can be beneficial. Magnify Efficiency When your office has become entirely digital, all [...]


We all have been reading many books from our childhood days. Most of them were part of our school syllabus and hence were obligatory. Some of these may have had a positive impact on us. It is only natural to hold on to such books. Carrying them around is definitely not an option. With space becoming scarce, it is getting remarkably troublesome to find a safe place to store our valuable books.   With the new advancement in technology, it is [...]

Book Scanning in New York

How to create a PDF document by scanning a book

There has been a notable rise in the usage of ebooks with tablets gaining immense popularity. To turn a regular book into an electronic one, you will need to scan the book into PDF format. To do this, you will require a scanner and a PDF writing program that lets you combine separate files to form one complete book. Mentioned below is a step by step tutorial on how to create an ebook from a regular book.  Step 1 Find and [...]