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Budget Book Scanning is a subsidiary of Bound Book Scanning Corp, established in 2010. Budget Book Scanning is a premiere destructive book scanning company servicing many professional industries. Over time we realized there is a great demand to destructively digitize many books for personal use, cheaply and destructively.

We recognize that our customers are busy people and don’t want to take the time to count the pages in each book when there are so many. Therefore we created a simple pricing model of $5 per book – of any size or thickness. Our minimum order is 10 books.

We can scan most types of book and unbound texts as well. There are certain types of pages that are difficult to scan so please contact us first to discuss if this would apply to your order. These would include books with fragile, acidic pages, books with with extremely thin paper such as phone books or some bibles, and textbooks containing thin and glossy pages.

We can scan the covers of the books in color for an extra $1 per book. The covers must be softcover or removable jacket. Hard covers without jackets cannot be scanned.

Possibly. Contact us to discuss.

Approximately 2 weeks from receipt for up to 50 books. For larger orders, please contact us to discuss a turn time.

Books will be scanned at a resolution of 200 dpi in Greyscale, unless color interior is selected. Please view our samples on our home page. If higher DPI is a necessity for your project, please contact us to discuss.

Generally the output is searchable PDF. We also offer output to Word, ePub, and mobi for additional $.75 per option.

In the PDF file, they will all appear as on the original page. In the word or eBook files, there may be errors in the conversion of these elements, therefore it may be best to stick with PDF output for complex layout books.

We can do these for additional fee of $1 per title. Please specify language via post-it on each cover.

Yes. Please select the gift option and put your name and email address in the gift note.

Please ensure all books are securely packaged in a sturdy box with no extra space to shift around. Please either include an order confirmation printout in every box. Or simply include your name and order number in or on the box.

You can include a check or money order with your shipment. If you want to pay via credit card and do not have a Paypal account, you can proceed to checkout and click the link at the bottom of the page that reads: “Don’t have a PayPal Account?”

We will email you a link to a Dropbox folder containing your final files. 

We would greatly appreciate if you would prep your books for scanning by removing any inserts such as paper clips, staples, post-it notes, and unfolding any dog-ears so the pages feed swiftly and don’t jam our scanners.

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