How to Scan a Book to Kindle?

How to Scan a Book to Kindle?

If you have ever wondered how to ebooks out of regular books, then we can help you out. By converting all your books into ebooks, you can carry your whole library with you on the go. I bet most of you who have rooms filled with books you don’t want to discard think of this all the time. By turning your regular books into ebooks, you can save valuable real estate in your house and carry your whole library in a device that is the size of one book.

We have deduced two distinct solutions to go about scanning books. You may choose any one as per your preference and convenience.

1: Scan Book to PDF

Reading a PDF format file is not bad on Kindle. Your books can easily be scanned to PDF format directly with a scanner and an OCR application like Adobe Acrobat. Here is how you go about it:

Ensure the scanner you are going to use is installed on your computer.

Run the program to scan from your computer. click on Settings and choose select “pdf” format.

1. Place the first section of your book on the scanner and close it. Place a blank paper on the exposed surface of the scanner if the book is very thick. Do this to ensure that the scanner does not scan around the book.

2. Preview the scanned file in the OCR application and crop out the white space around it. Ensure that you have chosen the right resolution as per your need. The scanning process may vary according to your scanners.

3. Now open the destination file and inspect the PDF document. Make any necessary changes if required. Now repeat this process and you will have an ebook in PDF format.



2: Budget Book scan

Budget Book scan provides the service of scanning regular books to into ebooks for Kindle, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, and Android. We allow our clients to send in their books, archives, photographs, and other printed material to the Budget Book scan office by parcel or email. We offer extremely affordable prices and save you time, energy and the hassle of scanning each and every page of the books you want to scan.

We at Budget Book scan, scan your books into PDF format with fine-tuning technologies to give you the best results. We will optimize and tune the PDF files to be a perfect fit for various gadgets. The size of the PDF files on iPhone and Kindle are not the same.

At present, it is not possible to directly scan books and convert them to formats like Kindle (AZW), MOBI, or PRC. To get the most professional service regarding scanning books and converting them to ebooks contact us today. We will gladly help you clear out some much-needed space.


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