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Book Scanning in New York

In what manner can book scanning be of advantage to libraries?

With reader propensities changing drastically, the reports are showing that printed books could cease to exist for good in the coming generation. ­As bookshop numbers have started to decrease dramatically around the world,­ libraries need to ensure they are staying aware of the evolving patterns. Most libraries now stock ebooks for their clients to download onto their Kindles or other tablet gadgets, but the question that arises is what can be done with their existing collection of books? Books have gone [...]

Book Scanning in NewYork

Some compelling reasons for digitizing large books

We all possess some favourite books that we want to treasure and read throughout our life. Some of these might be rare and valuable; some might just be valuable because we adore them. Whatever it may be, we would not want to lose these books. While it is easy to say so, we all know that it may be susceptible to damage in a variety of ways. You may tear them accidentally, damage them somehow or even lose them. Even [...]

Book Scanning in New York

Is The Digitization Of Rare Books Really Worth It?

Every day we come across people who are busy with their gadgets and devices. When we ask them what are they doing; they say that they are reading something. Digitization of books have made them readable anywhere and at any time? Everyone is digitizing books nowadays, from the largest national libraries to the smallest institutions. Before proceeding, we think it is a good idea to pin down exactly what we mean by "digitization." A strict definition might be the conversion [...]