Choose Budget Book Scanning To Easily Digitize Your Books

Choose Budget Book Scanning To Easily Digitize Your Books

Modern digitization technology has come as a big boon for book lovers across the world. They no longer have to worry about preserving their precious book collection from decay and termites. They can now convert their books into digital e-books by scanning them with the latest scanners and preserve them as electronic media.

Preserving your old books in this manner is very beneficial for many reasons:

  • No decay: when books become old, preserving them becomes a big challenge. The pages become brittle and highly susceptible to damage. They remain vulnerable to insect attacks as well. However, e-books suffer from no such problems. They remained fresh for as long as you want to store them.
  • Save space: Bookshelves occupy large spaces in libraries or rooms in your house. Nowadays, space is scarce almost everywhere. If you can free up the space occupied by your bookshelves, then this space can be put to better use. In contrast, a Kindle or even a hard disk probably is going to be large enough to store all your e-books. Thus, by digitizing your books you can free up valuable real estate.
  • Search easily: You can use an e-book reader to search within the document to reach any paragraph or chapter quickly and easily. So you don’t need to remember where you read your favorite quote anymore.
  • Store business documents: for companies, book scanning offers an attractive way to store digitized old files and documents. The original documents can thereafter be destroyed, freeing up office space.

How we will digitize your books:

We are from Budget Book Scanning, a leading company offering book digitization services at a very reasonable cost, starting from $5 per book. Ordering the book digitization service from us is surprisingly easy and involves some simple and hassle-free steps:

  • Identify and count the books: select at least 10 books that you would want to get digitized immediately and get in touch with us.
  • Fill up a form: next, you will have to fill up a simple online form on our website. You will have to specify your requirements like the file formats in which you want the book to be digitized, whether you want it to be scanned in color or monochrome, etc.
  • Ship the books: after filling up the form, pack the books safely and tightly in a sturdy box and send the box to us.
  • Scanning: after receiving the box, we will start scanning the books. No action is required on your part at this stage.
  • Review the scanned product: after we have finished scanning the books, we will send a link of a Dropbox folder where you will find your electronic books stored. This typically will take around a week’s time. You will have to then download the documents and save it in your computer or a storage medium.

That is it. Within a few days of starting the process, you will have the digital scan in your hand, which you can read and enjoy whenever you want to.

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