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Book Scanning in New York

The Genius Who Invented A Book Reader Over Four Centuries Ago

The reading habits of people have changed drastically since the invention of e-book readers. Gone are the days when reading books were a privilege of a select few. The printing machines had not been discovered then and only the lucky and rich could afford to source a handwritten manuscript and get enlightened. The modern generation can’t even imagine such difficulties now. The invention of electronic gadgets like the iPad and the Kindle has made reading simple. The e-books are now [...]

Choose Budget Book Scanning To Easily Digitize Your Books

Modern digitization technology has come as a big boon for book lovers across the world. They no longer have to worry about preserving their precious book collection from decay and termites. They can now convert their books into digital e-books by scanning them with the latest scanners and preserve them as electronic media. Preserving your old books in this manner is very beneficial for many reasons: No decay: when books become old, preserving them becomes a big challenge. The pages become [...]